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Vendor Discount Where Available
Goodguys Show Car Registration – Early Bird $20 off the At-Event Price for most events next year At-Event, over the phone at 925-838-9876 or online at www.good-guys.com
Goodguys Show Car Registration – Pre-Reg $15 off the At-Event price up to 2 weeks prior to the event Over the phone at 925-838-9876 or at www.good-guys.com/events
Goodguys Show Car Registration – At Event $15 off the Non-Member Rate At Event
Goodguys General Admission Tickets $5 off At-Event; $7 off during Pre-Sale At-Event or online at www.good-guys.com/events
Goodguys Merchandise 10% off At Event only with membership card present and minimum of $5 (excludes event specific merchandise and clearance items)
Goodguys Classifieds $10 off per posting a month in our Gazette Mail or over the phone at 925-838-9876
Goodguys Travel Up to 70% on Hotels, 15% on Sports/Concert tickets, 50% Theme Parks Online through your Members Home after logging in
Performance Plus Freight/shipping At this website: https://www.good-guys.com/performance-plus-global-logistics

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Canada and Mexico residents annual Membership fee is $85.

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